Generational Transitions

At Clairemont Capital, we’ve helped all of our portfolio organizations through a wide range of different situations, ensuring their long-term success and capitalizing on multiple avenues of growth. We believe our services work to the benefit of both the investors and the businesses with a long-term approach to achieving that means investing more than money, but investing expertise, time, and effort, as well.

We are always glad to identify opportunities to work with new teams and to grow our portfolio further by developing new investment businesses. One of the most common ways we do that is by helping business owners with a generational transition. If you’re planning your retirement and hoping to sell your business, here’s how we can help with that.

Generational Transitions
These situations are most frequently associated with family businesses. When a business owner retires, they must plan for the smooth passage of leadership to ensure family control. If your company has never undergone a generational transition before, there is no framework in place. Mistakes in changing the guard as smooth as possible can shake the confidence of investors and customers in the business, so it’s wise to partner with someone who knows who to set that framework up.

At Clairemont Capital, we’ve helped our portfolio businesses see their way through a wide range of different transitions and decision-making periods. We have a standardized, organized approach to these moments of change, while also recognizing that each business is a little different, with the flexibility to adapt to the particulars of your own.

Ensuring the Smoothest Transition
As part of the generational transition, we recommend that the process starts as early as possible, with plans being put together up to as long as one funding cycle before the transition itself happens. This gives time to ensure all parties are happy with the eventual transition and to get an analysis from their legal counsel that ensures all rights are protected.

It also allows the time for the gradual changing of the guard. As the time of the transition approaches, the business owner’s previous roles and responsibilities should reduce over time. On the other hand, the next individual to take leadership of the company will be put through a development pipeline to ensure that they understand the role and responsibilities they will be taking on.

At Clairemont Capital, we can help you through a generational transition that ensures your business is in the hands of a team who has a track record for long-term investment in their portfolio companies. We want to ensure that you enjoy your retirement by reaping the fruits of the hard work you’ve put into your business over the years. You may wish to the legacy of that work, the brand, the reputation, and the connection you have built with your market, to last for years beyond. Get in touch with Clairemont Capital about your upcoming retirement.

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